She’s been called many things… Britain’s top Image Consultant, a ‘dynamo conference presenter’, a ‘powerful coach’, a ‘memorable trainer’. What do IBM, the Disney Corporation, Cambridge University, Deloitte, Royal Bank of Scotland, Prudential, the BBC, UBS, Guardian Media Group, Barclays, BMW, Tesco, and Britain's political leaders have in common? Mary Spillane coaches, teaches and advises them in making the most of their talent.



Leadership and Talent Mangement: People don’t just work in your business….they are your business. Leadership and talent management are key strategic issues for all leading organizations.  Having the right people in the right roles and behaving in the right way is critical to delivering strategy.

Executive Assessment:  Provides a practical and balanced view of an individuals (or team’s) current capability, future potential and development.  We use a combination of psychometric insights and an interview which benchmarks the person against the best in the market.  We team with a leading global Executive Search firm who benchmark against their extensive database.

Executive Development: 1:1 coaching to help an individual deal with new or more complex business challenges; e.g. promotion to a new role or an overseas posting.

Board Evaluation:  A bespoke service to review how well Boards comply with accepted standards of corporate governance and how well they work together as a team to direct and lead the business.

Senior Team Building: A facilitation service to help the Executive and other senior teams to understand their individual or collective strengths and weaknesses and to work with them to become more effective in leading the business.

As her clients at IBM can attest, there's something about Mary...